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In Australia, Aboriginal people have used bush medicines for thousands years and are still using them today. In the old days plant extracts were often crushed and mixed with animal fats, such as emu and goanna. You can learn about those bush medicine by visiting Alice Springs Desert Park. Here are some useful bush plants if you are out in the bush:

witchetty grub

Witchetty Grub

Aboriginal name: Tyape
Medicinal use: Burns
How to use: Collect the witchetty grubs from the roots of the witchetty bush and crush them into a paste. Then you apply the paste and cover with a bandage or dressing. This protects the injured area from air and helps it to heal.

Desert Bloodwood Tree

Desert Bloodwood Tree

Aboriginal name: Arrkenke
Medicinal use: Cuts, Sores and Boils
How to use: Apply the sticky gum found on the trunk of the tree directly to a sore, cut or boil. This works as an antiseptic.

The Desert park has 54 hectare core area with approximately 3km of walking tracks. Open 7.30am to 6pm daily. Located in Larapinta Drive Alice Springs. Less than 15 min drive from Alice in the Territory Motel.